1. Core Values

    It all begins with good people.

Our Employees

At Tru-Check safety is our first priority, and it starts with who we hire to represent us, the utility and and/or technology vendor. Our background screening process is an important aspect of our overall recruiting process to hire the most qualified applicants that will best meet all concerned stakeholders needs regarding safety, quality and production.

Various screening reports are obtained, logged and communicated to those Members of management that have a need to know, by members of our Somerset, KY and Buffalo, NY offices on all employees. Screenings: Tru-Check’s standard background screenings include:

  • Applicant must be 21 years of age or older
  • Social Security Number
  • Name Link to verify current and previous addresses
  • Criminal History Background Check(s)
  • Motor Vehicle History check(s)
  • Drug and Alcohol; DOT where required
  • Pre-Placement Physical examination
  • Homeland Security E-Verify Program
  • Some projects may require additional specific screenings

Frequency: After an employees’ initial hiring screen, MVR’s and Criminal History Background checks are run each year.

Results: If an applicant fails to meet the minimum standards for the above listed tests at any time during their employment, continued employment with Tru-Check may be denied.



Because safety is our top priority, we focus a great deal on the training of each employee, in both a classroom setting as well as field instruction.

The classroom training sessions include but are not limited to:

Safety, Quality, Meter Reading, Appearance, Customer Relations, Weather, Regard for homeowner property, Route Management, Handheld Repair, Meter Tampering Production Standards, Driving Practices, Drug Free Workplace, Weather, Installation Procedures Performance Appraisals, Hazard Reports, Key Management, Disciplinary Measures, Dogs Other Utility and Company Policies

In addition, we also cover the use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (hardhat, safety glasses, rubber electrical gloves, leather protectors, voltage testers and insulated tools) When training in the field, installers work in groups of two under the supervision of an Implementation Supervisor, Trainer, or Team Leader.