1. Electric

    We have installed over 2,000,000 electric meters.
  2. Contract Meter Reading

    30 Years of Know-How At Your Service
  3. AMI/AMR Installation

    Comprehensive, Customized Installation Programs
  4. Maintenance & Audits

    Regular Maintenance According to Your Specifications

Tru-Check not only executes AMR/AMI installation programs, but we also help maintain the systems after installation. We do this on a targeted schedule to keep your utility upgrades on track.

Tru-Check understands the different processes required for each brand of module, so we can help you make the most efficient transition possible.

Whether you already have your AMR modules, or if we help you determine the best ones for your metering needs, we can retrofit any AMR module to your meters from the field. We document the final meter reading before removal, and after installing the new one we test, calibrate and verify that it’s working like it should.

Maintenance includes regular meter testing according to your specifications. We diagnose and resolve any problems and replace meters if they malfunction.